How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

I hate to have a belly, I bet everyone does. It looks awful when you wear tight jeans or a tight t-shirt that make it worse. Imagine if someone were to walk up to you on the train and offer you his/her seat thinking you were pregnant. That would definitely be a nightmare. I have been asked by many people, “how to lose belly fat?” Well before we get into understanding how to lose belly fat, we should educate ourselves on why we have it in the first place. By now, you would know my style of writing. I always consider understanding the fact before we get into the solution, this way you will never make the same mistake reviews at her latest blog post.

Having a belly is not only visually unpleasing but it also brings a number of health problems. But you do not need to worry, if you have decided to lose your belly and are willing to make a change, you can lose them easily but you will need to understand a couple of things which I have addressed below. I have given you 10 ways you can lose your belly fat fast. Bare in mind, I can even give you 20 possible ways to lose your belly fat fast but, it is YOU who has to put in the effort to make the change.

Belly Fat

Based on my previous article, adipocytes are fat cells that can be found in most of our body parts. This cell is responsible for storing fat. The quantity of the adipocyte cannot be determined for an individual but it is based on his/her diet and physical activities. No diet or physical activities can target a specific adipocyte, you will have to exercise and eat a proper diet in order to lose fat in your entire body.

There are two types of fat in our body; one is the visible fat, which lies beneath our skin known as subcutaneous fat. This fat is normally visible to us, when we have a bulge coming out of our belly or bat wing arms, we would normally want to get rid of them.

The second type of fat is the visceral fat; this fat lies deep inside your body and it is not visible to us. Visceral fat normally can be found around your vital organs, abdomen, pelvis and etc. These fats are so deep inside that we do not notice it. Even a thin person might have a high visceral fat count. Having visceral fat is not bad, but having high visceral fat is dangerous. High amounts of visceral fat can cause numerous amounts of health problems like abnormal blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and also cells that become cancerous.

When your body runs out of safe places to store the fats, the fats will be accumulated in places like the heart. This is when you have a problem, as your blood vessels have a hard time pumping the blood to your heart.

10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat FAST!

1. Climb the Stairs. I am not sure if it is just me, but I normally lose weight on my belly when I climb the stairs. I live on the 2ndfloor and my flat has 13floors in total. For beginners I understand it is your first time, so try to complete 1 full climb to the top floor and climb down. If the stairs are short, just try starting out with 2 sets. You are not a super hero, so do not try to push yourself hard on the very first day.

2. Increase your heart rate. In my previous article, I stated that in order to increase your heart rate you do not necessarily need to jog or run, you can also do activities like cycling or playing badminton. I would highly suggest aerobic exercise, as this has shed my tummy in no time.

3. Drink lime or lemon juice, green tea, or water. I consider these three drinks to be the healthiest. Although lime or lemon juice and green tea have not proven to show a possible solution to weight loss, I personally find improvement in my weight having them. You can squeeze your lime or lemon into your tap water or ice water. As for green tea, you will have to brew it in hot water.

4. Eat your dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. Try not to eat your dinner very late as this will cause your body to store fat. There is no activity done while you are sleeping; thus, your body will store the excess glucose as a backup.

5. Do crunches. Crunches do not burn your belly fat; it only firms your muscle which in this case, are your abs. But, muscles burn more fat than when you go on a diet, thus developing muscular abs does not hurt. But bare in mind, you will have to burn the layer of fat before you can penetrate to your abs.

6. Do house work. Do not be shocked to see that I am recommending you do house work to lose your belly fat; but these small activities together with good diet can also aid in speeding up the process. Just remember that visceral fat grows the moment you are inactive. So try to move around as much as possible and not hibernate.

7. Poop, clear your bowl. Sometimes your stomach might look bloated or big no matter how much you have exercised and this might be due to constipation. Simply put, you are storing your poop in your intestines. Constipation is caused when your poop is dry, due to either lack of water or fiber. Try drinking lots of water and eating more vegetables; if this does not stop, you will have to seek a doctor for a prescription of Bisacodyl, also known as laxative tablets. Keep in mind; pooping is important, as storing your poop will cause your immune system to be weak since it has to constantly fight against the bad bacteria you are producing from the poop.


8. Bloating. Bloating can sometimes be caused by indigestion. Your abdomen, which holds all the digestive organs, produces enzymes like lipase, amylase, protease and probiotics which are good bacteria. It also aids in breaking down your food. These enzymes are found in food like raw vegetables, butter milk, nut and grains, milk, cheese, sour cream, etc. but sometimes we do not consume enough of them causing a lack of good bacteria. Enzymes and probiotics can be taken orally by capsule and I personally use Dr. Ohhira Probiotics and Udo’s Choice Adult Enzymes.

9. Eat Low Carbohydrate foods. Eating low carbohydrate food keeps your insulin level stable, which causes less fat storage.

10. NO Fructose Sugar. Always remember sugar = sugar. When you consume sugar you will crave for more sugar. Fructose sugar raises your triglycerides, which means your liver converts this fructose to fat.

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